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The 10th Annual Podcast Awards Show, will be held in Las Vegas, in April 2015. If you have enjoyed the content I’ve provided, your nomination is a fantastic way to show your support of my passion for NBA history and podcasting.

As a self-funded podcast, the Awards would help to significantly increase exposure of the show to a wider audience.

Here are the easy steps to follow. I’ve included a screenshot below, too (click to enlarge):


1. Visit: Podcast Awards

2. Scroll to: Sports

3. Click ‘Podcast Name’. Type: In all Airness – NBA History podcast

4. Click ‘Podcast URL’. Type:

5. Scroll to: Your Details

6. Type your name & a verifiable e-mail address

7. Select ‘Listener’, ‘Podcaster’, or ‘Both’ (whatever option describes you best)

8. Scroll to: Comments or Questions and add a comment (they’re critical, so the reviewing team understand why a show is deserving of being nominated)

9. Click ‘Submit’.


Here’s Michael Jordan’s (hypothetical, of course) completed nomination form – perhaps add more specifics in the ‘Comments’ section!

MJ's completed form


You submit the nomination form, one time only. Please ensure you nominate all your favorite podcasts in their respective categories! Once you submit, you’re done!

Thanks again for your tremendous support. Here’s to a great 2015!

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