AIR018: 1996 NBA season – complete recap | Podcast


Chicago Bulls

Adam and Aaron recap the 1996 NBA season.

Our conversation covers the whole season – we discuss best / worst team records, all major award winners and notable retirees. We also focus on the Bulls’ historic 72-10 record. We chat random stats, fake player nicknames (amazingly make a return) and of course, the 1996 Playoffs – culminating with Jordan v Payton / Kemp in the 1996 NBA Finals.


Links to topics discussed:

1996 NBA Season Summary

Damon Stoudamire (1995) | Bulls v Grizzlies | Bulls v Lakers | Chicago’s 70th win

1996 NBA Finals: Game 1 | Game 3


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2 thoughts on “AIR018: 1996 NBA season – complete recap | Podcast

  1. Eliseo, well said. Thanks for your feedback. The Bulls of the early 1990s (first 3-peat) definitely competed in a stronger league. I hope you enjoy other episodes of the podcast?

  2. The 1996 season featured a much weaker and watered down league beacuse of the expansion draft (Toronto & Vancouver) and change in rules: no hand checking and shorter 3 point line. The Bulls benefited from it to set their record breaking record.

    I’m not here to discuss wether they where the best team of all time or not, but to point out that other Bulls championship teams were in fact better and more complete (the Win-Loss record can be deceptive). The 1990-91 and 1991-92 Bulls were more powerful teams and they had tougher competition both at the central division and the rest of the league.

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