AIR047: David Bridgers – Michael Jordan’s childhood friend | Podcast

David Bridgers

L to R: David Bridgers, Michael Jordan & Derek Betts | Copyright © Sports Illustrated

Michael Jordan’s lifelong friend and confidant, David Bridgers.

A unique episode. Ross Franco is a North Carolinian friend of mine. We connected, through my podcast – one of the many great outcomes I’ve experienced, since creating the show. Ross is a great friend of David Bridgers. Ross and I have previously discussed the possibility of inviting David on the podcast, as a guest. When the opportunity presented itself, we were both very pleased. The three of us had a great chat.

Prior to speaking with Ross and David, I wasn’t sure if our conversation would necessarily make for an interesting podcast episode. However, five minutes into proceedings, that all changed. This is simply three guys, talking all-things Michael Jordan, from a perspective you’d be very hard-pressed to top. You’ll learn the origins of Bridgers’ relationship with Jordan. The two first met, at just seven years of age! We cover David’s enduring friendship with Michael and his experiences with the Jordan family, plus, David’s close bond with Ross.

Ross tried his best to not be involved in this audio recording. He suggested that David should speak solely with me. From my point of view, that was never going to happen. Thanks again Ross, for making this conversation possible. I hope you – the listener – enjoy it.


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  1. Hey, Ryan. Thank you for your comment. Great to be able to associate your YT name with another Aussie hoop-head. I appreciate the feedback and hope you enjoy my podcast. Keep in touch! You reminded me of the sumo clip – it’s now a post here on the blog!

  2. Hey mate, never knew you were Australian (I am, too). I’m det916 on YT. I’ve only just realized you had this page, as I visited your YT page to see if you had any new content up. I also happened to notice that you linked the MJ 9 Hoops video here – in case you hadn’t noticed, there’s been another new rare upload (I can’t link at the moment), with ‘Team Jordan’ vs 3 Sumo Wrestlers. Jordan is ref, and his team is Barkley, Finley, and Kidd. Very rare.

    You’re doing good work here, man. I’ve got a lot of material to catch up on. Keep up the good work.

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