FAQ: Podcast guests

[updated 2017]

Thanks for taking the time to check out my podcast – I’d be thrilled to have you as an upcoming guest. I have a strong knowledge of the Jordan-era and basketball in general.

Guests, Peter Vecsey, Christian Laettner, Bill Wennington and Tom Dore kindly allowed me to link to their Twitter handles, should you wish to ask about my interview preparedness.


Why do you hope to speak with me? Who are you?

My only claim to fame is this hook shot that aired on Australia’s Funniest Home Videos:

I’ve been an enormous basketball fan for over 25 years. Pre-internet, I read many hoops magazines voraciously and studied the back of NBA trading cards to learn player facts and figures.

Then I started watching games on VHS – fast forward to 2012 – the digital age allows me to converse with incredible guests, whom I’ve admired from afar for many years. Soppy? Perhaps. Do I genuinely love doing this? Absolutely. I am most grateful to all my guests.


How will you talk with me?

I use Skype to contact my guests. I chat with you on your preferred device and record our call on my (awesome) Zoom H6.


What happens after we’ve talked?

Following our chat, I open the resulting sound file on my computer – editing the conversation into a fully-formed podcast episode, using Audacity.


Where and when will the episode be available online?

The podcast (mp3 files) home is here on my website. However, the finished episode will be released widely online, usually within a fortnight of our conversation.

Most listeners will discover the podcast through iTunes.


Can I help promote our conversation?

If you are active on Twitter or Facebook, it would be fantastic if you can assist promoting our finished episode. I’ll send you a confirmation tweet (or e-mail, Facebook message, etc) with specifics; if you can re-tweet / distribute that information to your followers, this will allow for maximum reach to fans of the show.


What if I have more questions?

Easy! Simply contact me via TwitterFacebook or e-mail and I’ll be more than happy to answer anything you would like to know.