NB85-2: Michael Jordan’s rookie NBA season – 1984 USA Olympic Training Camp / 1984 Draft | Podcast


1984 NBA Draftees - Jordan and Olajuwon

Adam & Aaron celebrate the 30th anniversary of Michael Jordan‘s (1984) arrival in the National Basketball Association. This episode covers:


* Team USA 1984 Olympic Training Camp

* 1984 NBA Draft

* NBA TV’s Original Documentary: “THE84DRAFT”

* Roland Lazenby’s book – Michael Jordan: The Life


The most prominent players mentioned in this episode, include: Michael Jordan, Hakeem Olajuwon, Sam Bowie, Chuck Person, Charles Barkley, Terry Cummings & Julius Erving.


Topics / articles discussed (every effort has been made to confirm exact dates):


May 23, 1984 – Rockets win coin flip with Blazers

May 23, 1984 - Fort Scott Tribune


May 23, 1984 – Rockets win flip again, will draft Olajuwon

May 23, 1984 - Spokesman Review


Jun 5, 1984 – Pros consider draft picks

Jun 5, 1984 - Wilmington Morning Star


Jun 14, 1984: Jordan’s draft is June 19

Jun 14, 1984 - Wilmington Morning Star


Jun 15, 1984 – Person hoping to make team

Jun 15, 1984 - Gadsden Times


Jun 16, 1984 – NBA files suit, seeks to replace Clippers

Jun 16, 1984 - Milwaukee Sentinel


Jun 17, 1984 – Rockets expect to make Olajuwon first pick

Jun 17, 1984 - Gadsden Times


Jun 17, 1984 - Preps to attend summer camps

Jun 17, 1984 - Wilmington Morning Star

Jun 19, 1984 - Predicting first-round draft picks a guess past top three

Jun 19, 1984 - Times Daily


Jun 19, 1984 - Olajuwon’s parents have worries over son’s education, not draft

Jun 19, 1984 - Kentucky New Era

Jun 19, 1984 - NBA (Draft predictions)

Jun 19, 1984 - Kentucky New Era


Jun 19, 1984 - Stockton Jazzed at Utah’s choice

Jun 19, 1984 - Spokane Chronicle

Jun 20, 1984 – NBA draft underlines strength of U.S. Olympic team

Jun 20, 1984 - Kentucky New Era


Jun 21, 1984 – 76ers Reject Erving Deal

Jun 21, 1984 - Toledo Blade


Jun 22, 1984 – Jordan might own a city

Jun 22, 1984 - Wilmington Morning Star

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NB85-1: Michael Jordan’s rookie NBA season – UNC Tar Heels / 1984 USA Olympic Trials / pre-draft | Podcast


Adam & Aaron celebrate the 30th anniversary of Michael Jordan‘s (1984) arrival in the National Basketball Association. Our special, debut episode covers:


* Michael Jordan’s final season (1984) with the North Carolina Tar Heels

* Team USA 1984 Olympic Trials (including a chat with Roosevelt Chapman)

* Lead-up to the 1984 NBA Draft


A wide-array of players are mentioned in this episode. The most-prominent, include: Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Hakeem Olajuwon, Sam Bowie, Terry Porter, Danny Manning, John Stockton, Chris Mullin, Wayman Tisdale and Sam Perkins.


Topics / articles discussed (every effort has been made to confirm exact dates):


Mar 14, 1984 – AP All-America

Mar 14, 1984 - Victoria Advocate
Mar 22, 1984: Jordan’s final game for North Carolina

Jordan’s UNC career stats (per game)

Mar 28, 1984 – Jordan player of year

Mar 30, 1984 - Sumter Daily Item


 Mar 31, 1984 – Michael Jordan: Final Four – in 1985

Mar 31, 1984 - Lewiston Daily Sun

Apr 4, 1984: Olympic Trials

Apr 4, 1984 - Gainesville Sun


Apr 14, 1984 – Bowie, Turpin won’t attend Olympic trials

Lakeland Ledger


Apr 18, 1984 – Olympic cagers begin practice

Apr 18, 1984 - Wilmington Morning Star


Apr 21, 1984 – U.S. Olympic basketball tryouts a sports fan’s delight

Apr 21, 1984 - Deseret News


 Apr 21, 1984 - Point’s Porter fights for berth

Apr 21, 1984 - Milwaukee Journal


Apr 21, 1984 – Knight to make first cut of Olympic hopefuls

Apr 21, 1984 - Wilmington Morning Star


Apr 22, 1984 - Jordan, Barkley Pace White To Victory

Apr 22, 1984 - Spartanburg Herald Journal


Apr 22, 1984 – Olympic trials characterized by rugged play

Apr 22, 1984 - Eugene Register Guard


Apr 23, 1984 – Olympic Team Aching

Apr 23, 1984 - Victoria Advocate


Apr 23, 1984 – Tisdale Paces White Win

Apr 23, 1984 - Spartanburg Herald Journal


Apr 23, 1984 – Ewing, Jordan on list of final 20 on Olympic team

Apr 23, 1984 - Arizona Courier


Apr 23, 1984 – Knight assesses survivors

Apr 23, 1984 - Spokesman Review


Apr 24, 1984 – Knight Cuts Olympic Squad Down to 20

Apr 24, 1984 - Palm Beach Post


Apr 24, 1984 – Knight’s basketball boot camp ends

Apr 24, 1984 - Lodi News-Sentinel


Apr 24, 1984 – Men’s pre-Olympic schedule

Apr 24, 1984 - St. Petersburg Times


Apr 25, 1984 – A Golden Team

Apr 25, 1984 - The Dispatch


Apr 28, 1984 – No fooling: Akeem to turn pro

Apr 28, 1984 - St. Petersburg Independent


May 6, 1984 – Michael Jordan to turn pro; Wayman Tisdale to stay in school

May 6, 1984 - Gainesville Sun


May 6, 1984 - Smith wants best for players

May 6, 1984 - Star News


May 6, 1984 – Jordan awaits pro future

May 6, 1984 - Star News


May 7, 1984 – Jordan follows advice

May 7, 1984 - Sumter Daily Item


May 8, 1984 – NBA postpones draft coin flip

May 8, 1984 - Wilmington Morning Star


May 10, 1984 – Pullout won’t dim Jordan’s desire

May 10, 1984 - Wilmington Morning Star


May 14, 1984 – Knight enjoying mini-camp

May 14, 1984 - Daily News


May 14, 1984 – Porter among 4 cut from Olympic cage team

May 14, 1984 - Milwaukee Sentinel

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AIR048: Roosevelt Chapman – Dayton legend, NBA draftee and international star | Podcast


Roosevelt Chapman

Dayton Flyers’ all-time leading scorer and NCAA star, Roosevelt Chapman.

Adam & Aaron welcome Roosevelt to the podcast, with an in-depth discussion of his very successful, well-traveled, yet largely-unheralded basketball career. If ever a guest warranted featuring on the show, Roosevelt ‘Velvet’ Chapman is that guy. In 1984, within the span of just three months, he starred in the NCAA Tournament, was invited to the Team USA Olympic Trials and was selected in the NBA Draft.

Roosevelt talks about his early years in Brooklyn and how his game developed on the playgrounds of New York City. He discusses some of the future NBA stars he grew up with, including Chris Mullin, Mark Jackson and Rod Strickland, to name a few. The development of Chapman’s game earned him the opportunity to attend the University of Dayton. We chat about his incredible senior season at college, where he led the Flyers to the Elite Eight in the 1984 NCAA Tournament – overcoming Wayman Tisdale and Detlef Schrempf in the process; finally succumbing to Patrick Ewing and his Georgetown Hoyas.

Roosevelt discusses his involvement in the Team USA Olympic Trials in 1984, including two great stories involving Michael Jordan and John Stockton. He opens up about his selection in the 1984 NBA Draft and what led to him pursuing opportunities to play professionally – achieving great success – traveling around the world.

This is one of my favorite episodes of the show, to date. Roosevelt’s story is fascinating; discovering the history and importance of players who often fly under the radar, is a passion of mine. Aaron & I are confident you’ll enjoy this feature.


Links to topics discussed:

1984: ‘The Shot’ | NCAA Tournament: LSU / Oklahoma / Georgetown

1984 NBA Draft: Selections

2012: Q&A | 2014: Flying High | 30 Years LaterElite Eight advice

Roosevelt Chapman online: Twitter


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AIR047: David Bridgers – Michael Jordan’s childhood friend | Podcast

David Bridgers

L to R: David Bridgers, Michael Jordan & Derek Betts | Copyright © Sports Illustrated

Michael Jordan’s lifelong friend and confidant, David Bridgers.

A unique episode. Ross Franco is a North Carolinian friend of mine. We connected, through my podcast – one of the many great outcomes I’ve experienced, since creating the show. Ross is a great friend of David Bridgers. Ross and I have previously discussed the possibility of inviting David on the podcast, as a guest. When the opportunity presented itself, we were both very pleased. The three of us had a great chat.

Prior to speaking with Ross and David, I wasn’t sure if our conversation would necessarily make for an interesting podcast episode. However, five minutes into proceedings, that all changed. This is simply three guys, talking all-things Michael Jordan, from a perspective you’d be very hard-pressed to top. You’ll learn the origins of Bridgers’ relationship with Jordan. The two first met, at just seven years of age! We cover David’s enduring friendship with Michael and his experiences with the Jordan family, plus, David’s close bond with Ross.

Ross tried his best to not be involved in this audio recording. He suggested that David should speak solely with me. From my point of view, that was never going to happen. Thanks again Ross, for making this conversation possible. I hope you – the listener – enjoy it.


Links to topics discussed (photos will be added):

SI Vault: The Unlikeliest Homeboy

In all Airness: Brush with Greatness – Michael Jordan

Ross Franco online: Twitter


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AIR046: Rick Barry – One of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History | Podcast



One of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History, Rick Barry.

Rick discusses his first sporting love of baseball – he talks fondly of his hero – the reason behind his choice to wear the iconic jersey number 24. Incredibly, as a high-school senior, Rick almost gave up on his future Hall of Fame career, due in large-part to his then-coach.

We chat about the origins of his unique, underhanded free-throw shooting technique and its impact on his overall game. Rick talks about his passion for basketball and his immense desire to win. We talk about his outstanding college career at the University of Miami and how it prepared him to make an instant impact at the next level. We discuss the 1965 NBA Draft, where Rick was one of 10 future All-Stars selected.

We cover Rick’s NBA Rookie of the Year triumph, playing against Wilt Chamberlain in the 1967 NBA Finals and Barry’s decision to join the fledgling ABA (he won the 1969 ABA Championship) for its inaugural season. Rick talks candidly about being forced to sit out the entire 1968 season, when he was arguably in the prime of his career. We chat about his All-Star Game memories (eight in the NBA, four in the ABA) and his 1975 NBA Championship glory.

We talk about Rick’s last two NBA seasons in Houston and how injury prematurely halted his career; interestingly, an NBA rule-change possibly denied Rick’s plan to join the Boston Celtics or Los Angeles Lakers.

Rick discusses his Basketball Hall of Fame enshrinement, his foray into coaching (1990s) and the opportunities missed at NBA level. We round out the conversation, learning about Rick’s current-day interests, including a love of fly fishing and his business pursuits.

We run the gamut of discussion topics that shed light on the competitive nature of a true basketball great.


Links to topics discussed:

Statistics courtesy of Basketball Reference | Profile

1967: “Super Soph”Rick leaves NBA

1975: NBA Finals - Game 3 | NBA Finals recap

Circa-1976: Rick Barry & Red Auerbach

1987: Basketball Hall of Fame (profile)

2011: ABA Round-table | 2014: The Charity Stripe

Rick Barry online: Website | Ektio

Courtside Jones: Rick Barry from courtsidejones.com on Vimeo.


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Kendall Gill: Illinois great, All-American and NBA star | Interview

Illinois Fighting Illini great, All-American and NBA star, Kendall Gill.

Due to audio issues, our initial recording of Kendall’s podcast episode failed. Here is the transcribed interview of that conversation – featuring discussion topics that didn’t make it into the re-recorded episode. Thanks again Kendall for your great generosity.


Podcast: In all Airness – Jordan-era | NBA History

Guest: Kendall Gill | Record date: Jan 28, 2014 | Key: A = Adam / K =Kendall


A: Kendall Gill, thanks for joining me.

K: No problem. It’s a pleasure to be heard Down Under in Australia.

A: Have you ever been to Australia before?

K: Never been to Australia before – but someday, I plan on making it.

A: How do you compare the in-arena atmosphere of college basketball, to the support your Charlotte Hornets received in the NBA?

K: It was a little bit different, because an important thing to remember about the Illini players – each and every one of those players; even the walk-ons – was from the state of Illinois. All of us were home grown. It was special.

When I go to North Carolina and play for the Charlotte Hornets, it was great as well, because of the 22,000 fans they had there every night – they were basketball crazy. At that time, the Hornets were the only show in town. It seemed like a college atmosphere, but it was a little different playing pro basketball to college basketball, because players can get traded and you don’t get to form the special relationships as a pro player, that you can as a college player. The fan support was awesome in Charlotte.

A: How was it, playing with a unique team mate like Muggsy Bogues?

K: Well, with Muggsy, it was great playing with him, because he was a point guard that could deliver the basketball to you. That was his first priority. In today’s day and age, you have guys that shoot first. Muggsy was not at all like that – he pushed the basketball up the court. If you ran, he would give you the basketball. Defensively, people didn’t want to dribble the basketball up against Muggsy Bogues.

If you remember Rod Strickland, who is one of the great point guards – most underrated point guards that has ever played in the NBA – bringing the ball up against Muggsy, he never wanted to do that. He always passed the ball off to the two-guard and let him bring it up. That lets you know that even though Muggsy was 5’3”, he could change the game at any time.

A: True. Rod Strickland had great handle of the ball, so it’s a testament to how good Muggsy was. It must have been quite jarring to see someone of his (Bogues) stature, compete and be so good at NBA level, where players are much taller. Can you talk about his competitiveness?

K: Absolutely. He’s a big-time competitor and confident. Totally confident. Even though he was small, he used his speed to his advantage. He had a great ability to cause disruption on the defensive end. These are his strengths. We know he wasn’t the greatest scorer – he was great at other things and that is what he kept him in the league for so long.

A: Most listeners will know, as we record this chat, the Charlotte Bobcats will soon revert back to being named the Charlotte Hornets. As one of the Hornets’ best players in their franchise history, what’s your opinion of their name change?

K: I think it’s great. I think the fans were so hurt when the franchise left for New Orleans, that when the NBA brought them back, it still wasn’t the same – they were the Bobcats. I think the city identifies with the colors of purple and teal. They identify that with the Hornets name. Now, it seems like the real girlfriend is back (laughs) – so to speak.

I think the city will embrace it and with the name change, there will be more pride instilled in the franchise. Michael Jordan and Fred Whitfield and all those guys understand that. That’s why they wanted to bring the name-change back. It is going to be great for the franchise.

A: [Mutombo’s Nuggets defeated Gill’s Sonics: 1994 NBA Playoffs] After losing Game 5 and returning to the locker room, what happened behind closed doors?

K: Well, it was like a morgue. It was completely silent and like a train hit us. We didn’t know what happened. I don’t know if you saw, but I’m a big boxing fan. Manny Pacquiao fought Juan Manuel Marquez; in a fight in which he got knocked out. Manny was winning the fight and then, all of sudden – boom – one punch…he’s out. Exactly the feeling we had when we lost to the Denver Nuggets.

A: At what point in your career, did you increase your physical conditioning, with boxing and aerobic-type exercises?

K: About my 10th year in the league, I started to do mixed-martial arts – things you’d see on the UFC. I did that for extra conditioning in the summer time – being a 10th year player, you need something else to take it to another level, to keep you ahead of the younger players and that’s why I did it. My first love was always boxing. I used to box when I was a kid. I went back to my first love. I had four professional fights – I may have another one – I’m not sure right now. I’m trying to work out the details. However, that is my passion and I do it every day.

A: I know that recently you set a goal to get back to your ideal NBA game-shape. The physical conditioning that you’re talking about – is this one of the driving forces behind that decision?

K: It is. My brothers actually bet me that I couldn’t get into that type of shape again. At Christmas, at my parents’ house, my brothers actually bet me that I couldn’t do it. I said, ‘OK’. It’s a challenge – I always look for challenges – I’m going to do it. I’ve already been in a month of training and I’ve got about a month and a half to go. We’ll see. I’m half way there (laughs).

A: Who did you get amped up for and look forward to playing, when you read your NBA schedule?

K: Well, I’ll tell you what. I used to get amped up to play against Drazen Petrovic. He always brought the best out in me. He and I had some terrific battles. I loved playing against Michael, because…one thing, Michael had the Mike Tyson effect. He had the other guys beat before they even got to the arena. They were afraid of him, you know. That never worked on me. I was never afraid and I relished playing against him – even though he was the greatest to ever play the game. I’m not going to stop him; but, I’m going to make it hard for him. I made it very hard for him to score, but, he still scored. He also had the best offense – the Triangle.

You know, we can go back to Kobe Bryant and how great he was. Shaquille O’Neal. Scottie Pippen. Another guy I loved playing against, even though I didn’t guard him – Hakeem Olajuwon. I think he was the second best player I’ve ever played against. Players like that…you know, Glen Rice and I had a lot battles. Also, Grant Hill. A lot of people don’t know; had Grant Hill never been injured, we’d be talking about one of the greatest players to ever play this game. He was one of the most difficult guys to cover as well.


Links to topics discussed:

Statistics courtesy of Basketball Reference | Profile

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Kendall Gill online: Twitter | Instagram | The Backcourt Online


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