Poem: Rookie Jordan

Here’s my first attempt at a poem. The main focus is Michael Jordan entering the NBA, following his college days at the University of North Carolina. Please let me know your thoughts below, good or otherwise…

Jordan left UNC following his junior year

with an expanse of honors, the NBA Draft near

He co-captained USA, en route to Olympic gold

averaging 17 points per game, a sight to behold


Along came the Draft, June of 1984

his basketball skill-set, never dreamt of before

First went Olajuwon, then Bowie of Kentucky,

Bulls took Jordan at three, experts said they were lucky


Jordan, now a Chicagoan, his coach Kevin Loughery

the only problem? His Bulls were a mockery

In his rookie season, MJ turned the franchise around

with offensive artistry that left opponents dumbfound


The Bulls made the Playoffs, the first time in a while

Jordan simultaneously raising his profile

That was just the beginning for Chicago’s draftee

whose impact worldwide no one could foresee


NBA poetry

I’m introducing a new wrinkle to the site – poetry. Yes, poetry.┬áIt should be noted, it took every ounce of my being not to use the word ‘slam’ in the main title of this post.

Ideally, I’d love to field reader requests for any Jordan-era player, moment, event, indiscretion or anything else you can throw at me. In turn, I’ll select my from my favourite comments and produce a poem of sorts, based on said request. The resulting poems won’t rival those of T.S. Eliot; more likely, Sean Elliott.

There is a plethora of material to be mined. To get you started, here are just a few examples:

– Bulls v Pistons / Knicks rivalry

– Showtime Lakers

– Dennis Rodman / John Starks / Reggie Miller (need I say more?)

So, if you’d be kind enough to make a suggestion in the comments section below, we can get the ball rolling – literally and figuratively. All finished poems will be posted to the ‘NBA Musings’ category.