NBA Narratives – Your Stories

Jan 17, 1994 - 76ers at Bulls

NBA Narratives have already been submitted!

Here is your opportunity to submit stories, based on any aspect of the NBA’s (and other professional leagues, worldwide) rich, wonderful history.

I’m excited to share your first-hand, basketball-related accounts and experiences. The photo above? My NBA game-ticket, from January, 1994. That was supposed to be a date etched in my personal history; watching Michael Jordan, live, in-person. The only problem? He was retired. Click here for my sob-story.

Do you have memorabilia, with an accompanying story, from a game that you attended? Have you interacted with former professional players and personalities? Do you have an interesting account, that you’d like to share? Is there a pivotal NBA Playoffs series or Finals match-up, that is a fond memory? What about a random regular season game, where the unexpected happened? The possibilities are many.

Your (quality) contribution will be preferably, 250+ words, based on factual events. Honesty is key. If you can submit photos or video, to add even greater interest, please do. Importantly, these are your stories. I’ll only make edits to grammar and punctuation, if necessary. Your content will largely remain, ‘as is’. Corrections to contributions, may be made, if I can verify incorrect details (date of game, stat-lines, etc). Submitting your story, does not necessarily guarantee its publication.

Do you have any questions? Contact me on Twitter.

Please e-mail your submissions. Thanks in advance.