Who am I?

Adam Ryan

Hey – I’m Adam, owner of ‘In all Airness’.

I’ve been a fan of Michael Jordan and the Bulls since 1989, when Chicago upset the Cavaliers in their first-round Playoffs tilt; forever synonymous with MJ’s ‘The Shot’:

At that time – in Australia, where I live – one NBA game aired each week on TV. I was 13 years old and that was the first game I ever recorded (on VHS cassette, no less). In the months that followed, I watched the game countless times. I all-but-forced my brother to watch it too. Hence, I became forever besotted by Jordan. To this day, some 23 years later (there’s sweet symmetry in that number) I can regurgitate in-game commentary at will, often word-for-word.

Most people who know me, consider me an obsessive when it comes to Jordan. I can’t argue – I have multiple Google Alerts setup, so I don’t miss anything Jordan-related, no matter its level of significance. Further, I spend countless hours searching online for footage of MJ that I’ve never seen before; even have a YouTube channel dedicated to the great man.

In a tale of woe for the ages, I was part of a basketball-crazed tour group, that flew to the USA in early 1994 to watch six NBA games; with a planned stay in Chi-town to watch MJ and company. Literally weeks after paying my deposit for the trip, news of MJ’s (first) retirement turned me into an inconsolable recluse for days. I was absolutely gutted – still went on the trip and loved every minute of it, but what a hollow feeling, to be inside the venerable ol’ Chicago Stadium, watching the Chicago Bulls play, only for MJ to be thousands of miles away, wearing cleats and playing minor-league baseball instead.

Now, please excuse me whilst I get some more tissues. In the interim, feel free to take a look around the site – I hope it becomes your fix for all-things MJ.

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